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CoinKhabar is all about Crypto-Currencies. Cryptos (specifically Bitcoins) have started gaining momentum as an investment opportunity in India. However, it is generally difficult for non-IT individuals to understand the concept of cryptocurrencies and the impact of recent developments on the prices in the short, medium and long term, specifically in the Indian market.

CoinKhabar has been established by a team of Chartered Accountants, to provide fast, correct and in-depth analysis in a SIMPLIFIED manner which makes it easier for a common man to understand and gain from this new phenomenon.

CoinKhabar wants to give India a serious, thoughtful and fact driven news center dedicated to cryptocurrencies. We are excited to start with writers and experts from all over the world. While the concept of CoinKhabar may be new, we still are staunch believers in the traditional journalism ethics.

We focus on high-quality, analytical, investigative journalism with less emphasis on breaking news. Our mission is to maintain high journalistic standards. Since your money may be at stake, it is more important for us to provide relevant and accurate news than instant news.

Any article on CoinKhabar is released only after adequate due-diligence and confirmation from various sources. CoinKhabar or any of its promoters do not have any vested interest in any website or cryptocurrency exchange since the launch of the platform.

As we gather momentum, we aim to become India’s CryptoNews headquarter. We invite you to join the revolution.


Welcome to CoinKhabar!

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