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Bitcoin Rally Continues – 5 Reasons

Bitcoin rally seems to be never ending. It has crossed USD 4200 on most global exchanges and is trading at INR 300,000 in India. This is an all time high. But what is driving the rally? Though we have covered most parts of this in our last few posts, I thought it will be good to lost the reasons at one place. So here are the top 5 reasons – 1. Wall Street is interested in Bitcoin Stock markets have been correcting globally and several stock experts have been advocating investment into Bitcoins on news channels since a month...

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ICO market reaches $1 Billion Benchmark

Ethereum World News recently posted that initial coin offerings (ICOs) have surpassed $1 billion. Recent offerings including EOS, Bancor, and Tezos. This is a mammoth achievement and quick gains have been made by investors. The campaigns launched by Bancor and Tezos have collectively raised more than $559 million in funding. It is being reported that the US SEC is also investigation certain initial coin offerings. It is possible that the ICO market is reaching a bubble. If this is the case, investors may find little liquidity in most of these ICOs. In the past certain cryptos have essentially been valued at...

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Live Bitcoin Rates

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